Palmetto Synthetics currently manages multiple production lines at our Kingstree, South Carolina facility. With our in-house equipment, Palmetto Synthetics has the capability to produce specialty fibers from 1.5 to 2000 denier with greater efficiency and consistency. All equipment is one-of-a-kind, Italian manufactured equipment that was customized specifically for Palmetto Synthetics’ needs.

Having such specialized equipment enables Palmetto Synthetics the opportunity to custom design the right fiber type, right color, and most any other special property. Other properties may include, but are not limited to, flame retardants and anti-microbials.

We invite you to visit our plant and bring samples of what you would like to produce


An Innovator of High Quality Fibers

The fiber produced by Palmetto Synthetics has many uses —
from apparel to automotive to industrial applications. Some of the end products include scouring pads for the abrasive market. Other markets include geotextiles fabrics for erosion control, roofing products and filtration media. The fibers are also used in trunk liners, throughout the interior of cars, and in many other polyester and nylon fabrics such as footwear as well as performance apparel.  There is always an emphasis on development of new and engaging products.

The fibers manufactured byPalmetto Synthetics are currently being processed on various spinning systems at 100% and in a myriad of blends. Palmetto Synthetics is a large supplier to the nonwoven industry concentrating on carded products.  Technologies currently being supplied are needlepunch, spunlace, thermal bond, and resin bond.

As an innovator of high-quality fibers, Palmetto Synthetics focuses on product development to various market segments. Their fibers include, but are not limited to: PET; PCT; PTT; PETG; PBT; PA6,6; NatureSpun™ Recycled PET; and a proprietary blend of PET/PA6,6. In addition to staple fiber, Palmetto Synthetics also has the capability of producing crimped and uncrimped tow.  All of these fibers can be produced in colors. Most may be produced incorporating the following additives or finishes:

  • Super UV Absorbers
  • PTFE Additives
  • Non-halogenated Flame Retardants
  • Internal Silver and Copper Based Anti-Microbials
  • Anti-Mite Additives
  • FDA Approved Finishes
  • Bio-degradable

Palmetto Synthetics is a technology driven company with strong orientation toward innovation.

Our Mission Statement
Producing the world’s highest quality, specialty synthetic fiber while always providing superior customer service. Striving each day to create and secure a place in the future as a supplier of PET and other specialty fibers.