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Workstations made with recycled PET
Recycled T-Shirt
It takes approximately 5 two liter recycled bottles to produce a single tee shirt.

Our Colors Begin With Green

Americans throw away 2.5 million beverage bottles per hour.  Enough in a year to go to the moon and back 20 times!

In 2009 only 1.3 billion out of the 5.4 billion pounds of polyester produced were collected.  Although this represents a 9% increase from the previous year, there is still much room for improvement.  The increases use of recycled polyester bottles will continue to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases releases into our atmosphere. Palmetto Synthetics is committed to growing the recycled PET fiber business through partnerships with companies who are not only interested in satisfying consumers with a quality product, but in caring for our world as well.  Utilizing the current technology in reclamation along with state of the art fiber spinning, Palmetto Synthetics is able to produce premium fibers for many high tech applications.  These fibers can be used in blends with other fibers such as Ingeo® and organic cotton to further reduce the environmental impact of the products.  Conjoin this concept with a solution dyed PCR fiber and you have decreases the impact once again.  There are no effluents or heavy metals involved in the solution dying process.  These are a few of the ways that Palmetto Synthetics is working with its customers to provide a safe and healthy environment for many years to come.

The Nature Spun Story

NatureSpun® from Palmetto Synthetics is answering the call for high quality post consumer recycled and other environmentally friendly fibers.  The virtually limitless denier range and the ability to solution dye the fibers enables r-pet fibers to be used in products never before imagined.  The 1.3dpf NatureSpun® yields yarn counts as fine as a 36/1’s.  Solution dyeability alleviates variability in dying, and also allows the fibers to perform in demanding environments such as automotive interiors.

In addition to our r-pet fibers, we are also proud to offer Ingeo® Fibers made from Natureworks® PLA raw material.  These products are also offered in deniers as fine as 1.3dpf. Palmetto Synthetics is committed to ongoing development of products and businesses with low environmental impact, and we are proud to continue our environmental stewardship by offering NatureSpun® and Ingeo®.